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V6.3.4 Database Restore Fails
If you are running a TSM V6.3.4 server and back up the TSM database to multiple file directories, you won't be able to restore. To fix this problem, do one of the following: Install Hotfix v6.3.4.200, configure a single-directory file device class as a destination, or use tape. Details.

Could tapes get left behind?
When a disaster occurs, do you want to find out that human error, from manual vaulting or limited scripts, left some important data behind? Will your CIO understand the choices you made,Vise on Head - STRESS or might your job be on the line? Why take on the added personal risk? Reduce human error introduced by you or your operator doing some or all vaulting tasks manually. Automate your vaulting with AutoVAULT®, a reliable commercial product since 1999 that verifies each and every tape checks out successfully! Can your limited script do that or do you have an operator check each tape against a list, which introduces additional human error? Learn more!

Change the Retention for Active, Inactive & Archive Data on 1 Node
Problem: When you change the retention for ONE TSM client node, the management class change affects only active data, not inactive backup data or archive data. But what if you want to change the retention for ALL data on one TSM node?

Solution: You can change ALL data (active, inactive, and archive) by moving the node to a new domain with the same management classes but different retention criteria. For example, you have a node and you don't want any data, existing or future, to expire. One solution is to:

1. Create a separate TSM domain for this node.
2. Create the same management classes, but assign different retention criteria.
3. Move the node to the new domain
4. Re-create the same schedules in the new domain.
5. Associate the moved client node with the new schedules.

The new data retention criteria will now be in affect for the same management class names in the new domain. Any Questions?

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In this issue:
- TSM v6.3.4 database restore failure
- Change the retention for active, inactive & archive data on 1 TSM Node

- TSM v6.3 perf. problem on AIX PWR7
- Post TSM DB restore steps

- Could tapes get left behind?
- Simplify your job
- Potential causes for failing backups
- TSM Commands Cheat Sheet


V6.3 Performance - AIX Power7
There is a performance issue that might be seen on V6.3 servers installed on AIX POWER7 systems. Systems with a high rate of client connection activity over relatively small intervals of time are more likely to be affected by this issue. Details.

Post TSM Database Restore Processing Steps 
Restoring a TSM server database to an earlier point in time can cause TSM to encounter data on disk and tapes for which it has no record, resulting in errors. After a DSMSERV RESTORE DB is performed, here are the steps you need to complete before resuming normal operations of the TSM Server.

Simplify your job
Eliminate 1.5 hours of TSM workload per day if you are manually vaulting TSM server data. Or trim 30 minutes from each day if you have scripts to automate DRM vaulting. Use AutoVAULT to secure mission-critical data by fully automating vaulting functions.

AutoVAULT verifies each tape checkout individually and captures all checkout failures. You will glance at a report and know if you have the correct data going offsite without having to manually check each tape.
AutoVAULT provides audit logs, communicates with Iron Mountain directly, automatically excludes media brought onsite for an emergency from normal vaulting, allows you to vault to multiple locations, and more. TSM Admins set up AutoVAULT in under an hour and then it runs by itself. To learn more about saving time, choose the link that's right for you: I vault manually or I use scripts to automate DRM vaulting commands.

New TSM Administrators Only!

Potential Causes of Failing and Missed Backups
Review these tips to make sure all your company's important data is being properly backed-up.

TSM Commands Cheat Sheet
Helpful list of commands for the new TSM administrator. Both tips provided by TivoliSupport.com.