TSM Tips, Tricks & Tune-ups - from the Developer of AutoVAULT

Human Error and Job Security

When a disaster occurs, do you want to find out that human error, from manual vaulting or home-grown scripts, left some important data behind? Will your CIO understand the choices you made, or might your job be on the line?

Why take on the added personal risk? Get more time in your day and/or reduce human error introduced by you or your operator doing some or all vaulting tasks manually. Automate your vaulting with AutoVAULT®, a tried and true commercial product since 1999.

On average, AutoVAULT has been able to Remove human erroreliminate 1.5 hours of TSM technician workload per day. AutoVAULT secures mission-critical data by automating vaulting functions, prioritizes data for first restoration in the event of a disaster, provides better options for library capacity management, and more. These features are not included in TSM or DRM. AutoVAULT is easy to install, runs by itself, has a free trial, plus excellent technical support should you need it! See a short overview PDF or Video!

TSM Performance Tuning

Do you want to improve your Tivoli Storage Manager performance? Try out the new Optimizing Performance publication, now available in the Tivoli Storage Manager wiki.

This publication will help you:
• Install or upgrade servers and clients
• Tune TSM servers and clients
• Improve TSM performance
• Help you identify performance bottlenecks

The Role of Tape in the Future?
A blog article, written by George Crump, considers the pros and cons of tape and disk backup technology for the storage of longterm backups.

Find Wasted Space with "ART"
TSMworks' Automated Restore Testing tool uncovers wasted space caused by needless backups, overly conservative policies, and more. Easy to install, runs by itself, and the free trial tests 20% of your site. See a short Case Study!