AutoVAULT 2.0 Gives Greater Media Control with Multi-Vault Support

Reading, PA - April 18, 2005  Code Relief, LLC, the developer of AutoVAULT™, a Tape Vaulting and Disaster Recovery application for IBM’s Tivoli® Storage Manager™(TSM), today launched its new version ... AutoVAULT 2.0!  This new version will allow users to have even more control over their data with the ability to track data in multiple vaults, improved reporting, and an interface with QwikScan, a product which tracks media by barcode ID and manages random, slot level vaulting.

AutoVAULT 2.0 enhances TSM by giving customers flexible vaulting to better execute their disaster recovery needs. AutoVAULT is the only vaulting and disaster recovery add-on to TSM which has support for multiple vault locations. Each copy pool, primary pool, backupset, and TSM database backup can have a different vault location. Vaulting reports can be printed by vault location so the media will be accurately moved.

Multi-Vault support empowers AutoVAULT users to manage these common scenarios:

Library Capacity: Customers who are struggling to stay within their library’s capacity can eject TDP media and archives to an onsite vault while the rest of their data is routed to their normal offsite vault. Customers save money with AutoVAULT by reducing slot usage, which extends the life of their tape library.

Classify Data for Efficient Recovery: Customers who want to classify the importance of their offsite data so their most critical data is vaulted together (Vault-Critical) and all other data, which would be restored after critical data (Vault-Normal), is vaulted separately. Each copy pool, primary pool, backupset, and TSM database backup can have a different vault location specified depending upon their importance. AutoVAULT will print vaulting reports by vault location so the correct media can be moved by importance.

Extra Security: Customers who want the added security of keeping two offsite copies of their data succeed with AutoVAULT. If one vault gets destroyed, or if the courier truck delivering their important media for a disaster recovery is in an accident, then the second set of media from a different vault can be immediately obtained.

Additional release features include:

  • Improved reporting including the ability to specify the sort order of each report by Vault, Library, VOLSER, Type or Pool. Plus customized report headings for each report have been added.

  • Support for TSM v.5.3

  • Ability to Vault and restore data for TSM servers running on all major non-MVS platforms: Windows, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and now Linux (AutoVAULT runs on Windows).

  • Track media by barcode ID and manage random slot vaulting with AutoVAULT and QwikScan™. Code Relief has teamed with a leading media management product, QwikScan, to bring AutoVAULT customers this added functionality. AutoVAULT has been improved to work seamlessly with QwikScan by automatically updating QwikScan with media changes initiated by AutoVAULT.  QwikScan is an affordable, Windows based media manager product from NER Data Products, Inc. For more product information and pricing, please visit

Easy-to-use tape vaulting and disaster recovery are critical for a successful backup strategy. AutoVAULT adds these functions to TSM BASE, which has no tape vaulting or disaster recovery features. TSM BASE doesn't include IBM's tape vaulting and disaster recovery module called Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM), nor is it available for separate purchase. TSM EXTENDED is bundled with DRM, but AutoVAULT's enhanced features add even greater functionality and ease-of-operation with features such as a 30 minute implementation, media vaulting reports which are printed and emailed, ready-to-use Disaster Recovery scripts, the ability to vault TDP data and backup sets, and more. For a full list of these features that improve on DRM click here.

Pricing and Availability of Code Relief’s AutoVAULT

AutoVAULT 2.0 runs on Windows™  and manages/restores TSM servers running on Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM’s AIX™, Linux™, and Windows™ operating systems.  AutoVault lists for $2995 US per TSM server. It is available through a network of TSM VARs worldwide and direct from the Code Relief Online Store via Electronic Download

Code Relief, LLC, a premier provider of innovative storage management software, develops and distributes AutoVAULT. 

For more information, contact Michelle Hnath at 1-610-926-2556 x21 or email

AutoVAULT is a trademark of Code Relief, LLC.  Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is a trademark of Tivoli Systems Inc.   AIX is a registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.  Windows NT and Windows 2000 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Solaris is a registered trademark of Sun Corporation. HP-UX is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Corporation.


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